Mark Rossman
Church Phone: (973) 835-7350

Pastor Rossman is generally in the church office Monday through Thursday. He’s very good about returning phone calls and e-mail, so please use whatever technology is comfortable for you.

2013 Congregation Council & Leaders

Here’s the list, with e-mail contact information. If you’re a potential visitor, any of the council members would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Executive Team
President Bob Reynics
Vice President Ben Schmid
Secretary Krislyn Sutherland
Treasurers Dianne Reynics
Irene Drada
Standing Teams
Christian Education Krislyn Sutherland
Evangelism Ever Santana
Finance Richard Cawthorne
Property Steve Vandenbos
Social Ministry Allison Genberg
Stewardship Paul CacioppoDennis Moraitis
Worship & Music
Special Teams
Parish Health Care Jean De Laura
Parish Life Ben Smid
Bob Reynics
Youth Ministry  Nancy Reynolds(non council)
Congregation Leaders not on Council
Columbarium Secretary Doug De Boo
Director of Music Ellen Mayer
Director of Property Ed Kohler
Financial Secretary Doug De Boo
Office Manager Marilyn Socci
Webmaster Council 2013
Other Contacts
Audit Committee

Team Ministry

This is an overview of what the pieces of these teams have been. They can become different. They can become more….Your involvement will make a difference! Name(s) listed is (are) the Congregational Council Liaison(s).

Spiritual Growth Team

This consists of Christian Education, Worship and Music, Stewardship, Youth Ministry (Nancy Reynolds).

  • Christian Education
    • Planning for and teaching Sunday School
    • Ordering and presenting Bibles to 3rd. graders
    • Working with Pastor Rossman to coordinate 1st Communion for our 5th graders
    • Planning, preparing, and teaching Vacation Bible School
    • Taking responsibility for everything that involves the spiritual growth of our children
  • Worship and Music
    • Planning for Sunday Services with Pastor Rossman and Music Director
    • Planning for special services during the year
    • Coordinating the Altar Guild (caring for banners , linens, silver, flowers, and communion materials)
    • Scheduling worship assistants and all the other volunteers needed each Sunday for services
    • Ordering materials needed for bulletins and other worship needs
  • Stewardship
    • Educating the congregation (adults and children) concerning being good stewards of what God has given to us
    • Encouraging us to give of our time, talent, and treasure (10/10/80)
    • Coordinating our pledging campaign each fall
    • Planning the annual Congregational Dinner Dance (with Parish Life)
  • Youth Ministry
    • Working with our preteen and teenage youth in a variety of ways…spiritual, social, service within our church,and outreach service activities
    • Planning for and attending the ELCA Youth Conference every 3 years
    • Planning for and attending NJ Synod events each year

Shepherding Team

This ministry is a new idea for our church. We are looking for a few people to coordinate connecting our new members with another family to help “shepherd” them for their first year with us. We’ve all been new at one time. We recognize the need to connect with our new members and help them feel part of our congregation. This family to family ministry would help our new members feel a bigger part of our church family.

Outreach Team

  • Social Ministry: This ministry is involved at several levels…in house, local community, national, and global. Many areas overlap.
    • At the in house level ,connections are made with our Senior members, our shut-ins, our college students, and our Sunday School members.
    • At the local level, they are part of the Interfaith Shelter andCommunity Outreach Program helping to provide food and shelter for the county homeless. Support for the Morris County Habitat for Humanity is encouraged on Father’s Day with Brick Sunday.
    • At the national level, disaster relief and ELCA projects are supported.
    • Globally, Social Ministry works with the LWR coffee and quilt projects. They support funding a missionary/school in Guatemala and the participation in Blanket Sunday on Mother’s Day for CWS. They work with the Sunday School children to send health kits and money for animals to LWR. Raising awareness and money for World Hunger and the Souper Bowl are also part of the outreach.
  • Evangelism: This team is our strongest outreach group.
    • They make our church known in the community. They have a table at the community Ho Down in September.
    • Through written and spoken communication, they invite others to become part of our church.
  • Parish Health: This group is made up of the many medical people in our congregation. Their backgrounds are varied, thus bringing much to the group. Blood pressures are taken every 4th Sunday, Health screenings and printed materials are available throughout the year. Wellness information is written up and put in The Call and phone calls of concern and caring are a big part of this group.

Bread Ministry

There is a need for a few more people to take on this ministry.

Bread Ministers make a “drop-off” visit to deliver a goodies package to people who have visited our church. This is a follow up and thank you for worshiping with us.

  • Marilyn Socci – Butler, Bloomingdale
  • OPEN – Wayne
  • Debbie Stankiewicz – Pompton Lakes, Riverdale
  • Willa Everson – Haskell, Wanaque
  • OPEN – Pompton Plains, Pequannock
  • Kristen Luttenberger – Lincoln Park

Hospitality Team

This consists of Parish Life, Telephone Connection, and Fellowship Hosts.

  • Parish Life – This team plans the congregational social life…food and fun ……holiday dinners, Lenten soup suppers, game nights, picnics,outings, and kitchen clean- ups. !! The more input, the more activities. There is a need for lots of help carrying out the plans.
  • Telephone Connection – The telephone connection is a team of people ready to make calls to all members of the congregation or to just a select group for a specific reason. (Janice Harper-Young)
  • Fellowship Host: Coffee Hours are hosted by a number of people and teams. The coordinators help those who are new at hosting a coffee hour and help organize the monthly calendar of these events.

Resource Team

This consists of Property, Finance, Mutual Ministry, Parish Records & Audit.

  • Property – This team works hard to care for our church building and grounds. Big things, little things, expensive things, inexpensive things…time and talent play a big role here, but with all things, many hands make light work…. especially during work days.
  • Finance – The finance team consists of the treasurers (Dianne Reynics and Irene Drada) ,financial secretary (Doug DeBoo), counter coordinator (Willa Everson). Other people are encouraged to help in the planning, projecting, and reporting of our finances to the congregation. This team also connects with Stewardship and Mutual Ministry during the year.
  • Mutual Ministry – This is an appointed team consisting of 6 people appointed by the Pastor and the Council President. The term is 2 years with 3 people appointed each year. Mutual Ministry functions in 4 areas: selection (job descriptions, advisors to a call committee), education (encouraging continuation education for Pastor and laity), evaluation (expectations of the congregation, annual evaluation of staff, recommendations for compensation), support (support group for staff and congregation, open communication channel, agent of reconciliation at time of conflict)
  • Parish Records & Audit: The parish records team will keep the congregational records up to date. The audit team meets at the end of each year to audit the books before the annual meeting in January. The audit team is elected.

Publicity Team

We are looking for a few members to become the Publicity Team. Writing for The Call, the local newspapers, radio announcements, fliers, signs, and “your imagination is the limit”. Artists welcome. Publicity needs to be timely for our congregation and the community. Good stuff happens here… let’s shout it from the mountaintops!! This team would support Doug De Boo, The Call editor. Members of this team would need to connect with all the other teams monthly. The work could easily be divided up among the group.