Communion Assistant

The Communion Assistant serves on a rotational basis. This person assists in distribution of the wine during communion.

Assistant Minister

The Assistant Minister reads the Old Testament and New Testament lessons and several prayers. This person distributes wine during communion.  This person serves on a scheduled rotational basis.  Schedules are published about 1 month in advance.


The ushers direct the flow of the congregation as they enter the sanctuary. They collect and bring the offering gifts to the pastor to receive and bless.


This is a young member of the congregation who serves with the other assistants during the worship service. This person will light and extinguish the candles and help with communion.  The acolytes serve in a scheduled rotation.

Altar Guild

These members of the congregation prepare the communion table for the worship service each week. They care for the worship linens and robes. They serve on a rotational basis.  Training is provided.


The choir under the direction of our Music Director presents anthems during the services. The choir sings from September to June. They sing for special holidays and special occasions and may participate in community ecumenical services.  New choir members are always welcomed warmly.  The ability to read music is not necessary.


These members welcome all visitors and members as they enter the church. They advise pastor of any guests. They may assist non-Lutheran guests with the order of worship.