Life in the Spirit

Worship Cafe

There are about 45 coffee hours available every year.    This is a short term commitment for a Sunday morning to bake or buy goodies, set up and clean up.   . Coffee is provided. Estimated time for one coffee hour: 1 hour after worship and time to buy or bake cake, cookies and/ or bagels.

Epiphany Dinner

On the 12th day of Christmas we gather to celebrate as a church family after our children share their gifts for the annual pageant.   Dinners can be as simple or elaborate as the team decides.  Estimated time depends on the type of meal.

Lenten Soup Suppers

We gather to share soup and break bread before our Wednesday Lenten reflections. This team advertises the six suppers and  opens the church by 6:30PM. The team would supply the bread and dessert.   The team can be a partnership of 2-3 people for the six weeks. Estimated time: 2.5 hours per week including supper time for six weeks.

Advent Activities

Each Sunday in Advent we plan special activities. These range from a cookie exchange to wreath making and setting up the trees for Christmas Eve services.   If you would like to be part of a team specifically for Advent fellowship events let Council or Pastor know. You can help to select and plan an Advent event.

 Men Cook Lunch

This annual October event features the culinary gifts of the men in the congregation. Anyone can offer the gift of their cooking to share with the congregation following the worship service.


This is the annual German food festival featuring our great German cooks.  Team: 2-4 persons. Estimated time: 2 hours to advertise, plan and post a sign up sheet plus the festival time.

Summer Picnic

Our annual end of summer picnic brings families together for a fun lunch. Members are asked to provide salad and desserts. This team coordinates the “sides” and purchases the hamburgers, hot dogs and rolls to grill. Estimated time: 4-6 hours plus the picnic.

Servant Suppers

Your gifts can strengthen the church’s witness to love and serve our neighbor.   We are looking for a team of 4, each person to organize one supper and select a service event.   The team can decide to do this over the summer, once per quarter during the year or at another time.

Senior Luncheon

This team provides a lunch for our “senior” members. It is a one day commitment to bring food and serve the lunch to honor these members in the congregation.  Estimated time: 8 hours for planning and serving.


Do you knit or crochet? This team gathers for fellowship and to make prayer shawls and scarves. The shawls are given to those who need to feel God’s love surround them during difficult times. These are always available in the Narthex, or taken to those who may be homebound. If you have this gift, consider joining the group.


Our quilters sew these blankets together and send them to Lutheran World Relief to be distributed around the world. Flat sheets are always needed. Yardage is appreciated to cut into squares.   New quilters are always welcome.

Baby Blankets

We are collecting baby blankets for the Morristown Hospital.   A gift of the special warmth of a blanket shows God’s love. Blankets should be 30×30 to 36×36 inches in size.

Health Kits

The very simple gesture of giving a Personal Care Kit can give someone the encouragement to start anew, starting with a bath. You can share God’s grace and love by providing that simple comfort. Our Saviour gathers these items and assembles them on behalf of Lutheran World Relief. They are sent to areas that have experienced hurricanes, floods, earthquakes or other disasters.

500 Hours

This is a special one year team of 1-3 persons formed to help us track and  deliver 500 hours of service outside our congregation in honor of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.   This team starts October 30, 2016 and ends on Reformation 2017.      The team is not expected to lead every project.      Estimated time: 1 hour per month for 1 year.

Youth Group

This group is open to our junior and senior high school students. They attend synod and national gatherings with other Lutheran youth. A team supports fund raising for the national gathering that occurs once every three years. This gathering includes prayer, praise and service activities. The younger group attends a gathering in New Jersey each year.   The event includes worship, learning and social activities. Support for ongoing youth meetings is always needed as the group does various service projects or fun activities during the year. Estimated time: Varies by the activity.


Clean Up Days

Several times a year we gather to take care of the church building and yard as we prepare the church for the special holidays at Christmas, Easter and do routine cleaning during the year. Clean Up Estimated time: This is one of our most flexible teams- give an hour or a day. We welcome as many members as possible!

Recycle is a weekly activity of gathering the cans and bottles, then removing them.   Team: 3-4 people.  Recycle Estimated time: 20 minutes per week.