FISH- Food Initiatives Against Hunger

Pequannock Pantry Partnership Ministry

This ministry consists of 5 teams of two persons each.  Four teams will serve for three months about 2 hours each month. One team serves once per year for 1 day to distribute food at the pantry.

Faith Kitchen Partnership, Dover New Jersey 

We need two to four persons to gather & deliver supplies quarterly.  Estimated time is 2 hours each quarter per person, or a total of 8 hours per year for the team.

Souper Bowl Ministry

This ministry offers 2-4 youth the opportunity to plan, lead, raise awareness of hunger and ensure the funds are sent to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal campaign. The expected time for this team is 3-4 service hours in January/ February.

Food Bank Ministry

This team arranges one-two trips each year to the New Jersey Food Bank to help sort, store and inventory the food received at the Hillside facility.  Administrative time is about 4-5 hours for each trip, plus the time to serve at the Food Bank.

Grains of Hope Partnership

This small team of 2-4 persons includes a Volunteer Coordinators, Community Liaison, Marketing Coordinator.  Estimated time 3-4 hours per person from September through March.  Community Liaison meets with other community leaders from September to April.