The Angel Partnership

Angel Care Cards

Cards are sent by anonymous angels to those who appear on our bulletin prayer list. Cards are sent to these members as they appear on the list, and if they continue over an extended period new cards are sent.   Angels monitor the list for new names each week. We also send to those who prefer not to be listed but may have shared their need for a prayer with an angel. This angel works closely with the holiday angel. Team: 1-2 angels. Estimated time: up to 2 hour per calendar quarter.

Angel Holiday Cards

The Angels send cards to our shut-in and prayer list members for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Cards, stamps and a list of persons are provided and can be picked up at church. Angels address the cards and return them to the office to mail. Cards should be addressed and returned about 10 days in advance of each holiday. This angel works closely with the care cards angel. Team: 1-2 angels. Estimated time: 2 hours per holiday.

College Ministry

This team provides greeting to our young people who are at college. Students receive birthday cards, graduation cards, Christmas cards and other events.   This team also recognizes the high school graduates with a card.

Love in a Bag

Are you in church regularly? This angel notices when our members are absent from worship for more than two consecutive weeks. An announcement may be made about a person who will have an extended absence. The angels will gather the note cards from members at worship by announcing either the name or the need for messages of caring for an anonymous family. The bags are delivered to the recipient or a family member. Time requirement varies for this ministry so several angels are needed to work together. Supplies are provided.

Color A smile

This ministry is with our children. It teaches them to share their special gift of coloring pictures as a way to share God’s love. The Smile angel selects several pictures from the website and makes copies at church. The Smile angel works with the Sunday School leaders to plan an event to have children color a picture.   The pictures are collected, provided to the church office and mailed out to the Color A Smile project. The Color A Smile program will then distribute them across the country to veterans, shut ins and nursing homes. Great program for a youth team.  Team: 1-2 persons. Estimated time: 2 hours per calendar quarter.

Pull Tab Recycling

The Ronald McDonald House serves families whose children require care at an area hospital by offering them a homelike atmosphere where they can get the rest and renewal they need to be most supportive of their sick or injured child. We collect the pull tabs to be recycled.   The aluminum that is donated to the Ronald McDonald House is taken to a local recycling station where it is weighed and cashed in by the pound. The money netted is used to assist the House with operational expenses such as household supplies and utilities. This team of 1-2 persons raises awareness of this need and delivers the tabs to the Ronald MacDonald House in New Brunswick.  Estimated time: 2 hours per calendar quarter.

Strengthen Our Sisters

This team helps to collect clothing and household goods to help women and their families.   SOS is located in West Milford area. This ongoing team advocates for the support for these families during difficult times .

Toys for Tots

This annual team advertises in our CALL and bulletins, collects unwrapped toys for the children and delivers them to the main depot for distribution to children in need.


This new ministry is with our children and youth. Anyone who is a confirmed member of the congregation can be a mentor for our children. This year we started with our fourth and fifth graders as part of our retreat. We would like to expand it to other graders, such as our confirmation group.   This is a one year commitment to follow the faith life growth of a child and encourage them in their faith.   Your support is in addition to their family faith circle. The mentor and the child will do one service activity together during the year.   This would be 2-3 hours as a team with all the children and their mentors.   Other interactions may be at church after Sunday School for a few minutes of conversation.

New Member Welcome

This is a new ministry to provide welcome notes to those who join our congregation. It is a small gift type bag with notes of greeting or introduction to the new person or family. This angel works with the pastor on the date of joining. The welcome notes are presented when the member is received.   Team: 1-2 angels.   Estimated time: 2 hours per new member/member family. Supplies will be provided.


Visitor Buddies

Our Saviour welcomes visitors to our church. Buddy angels greet visitors and help them feel comfortable in a Lutheran setting. Visitors may be with us for a family event, or may be looking for a church home. Make sure they have a bulletin and know the red book contains hymns. You may want to sit with or in proximity to a visitor so they have a guide through the service if they do not have a Lutheran background. Make sure they are felt welcome at coffee hour and introduce them to at least two other people. The team sets the buddy schedule. Team: 4-8 buddy angels. Estimated time: Sunday service +20 minutes before and 20 minutes after for 1-2 Sundays each month (8 hours/year).


Our Saviour Annual Retreats

Each year Our Saviour partners with the synod’s Spiritual Director, Pastor Selover, to spend time as a church family discerning God’s will for our church. It is a time of prayer and reflection. After the initial planning and theme is decided many small teams are needed to help with banners, children’s retreat activities, children’s bulletins, food, adult discussion facilitators and other small teams based on our theme. We welcome your gifts to help with planning and presenting this retreat.   Team activities range from 1 hour to multiple planning meetings. You can select how much time you can offer.


Visiting Shut-ins


These angels have a special gift to visit our shut ins and spend time with them when they are separated from our fellowship. Giving an hour a month of your time to be with someone who may be at home during a recovery or other health need can be a precious gift.   These angels have a special gift to listen to others and to share of themselves. If you have this gift we can provide training. Please let our Vice Pastor know.


Communion to Shut ins

These angels have a special gift to visit our shut ins and bring them the gift of God’s grace from our Communion Table. Giving an hour a month of your time to share God’s Word and the sacrament with someone who may be at home during a recovery or other health need can be a precious gift.   These angels have a special gift to listen to others and to share of themselves. If you have this gift we can provide training. Please let our Vice Pastor know.