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“I am a child of the water and the word.  My baptism is extremely important to me and I relish the gift of the Holy Spirit dwelling within me, the cross of Christ placed upon my forehead and the gift of creation that I am…

I believe that the Holy Spirit has given me gifts of compassion, listening and presence.  I am in awe of the work of the  Holy Spirit through me.  I often see myself as a vessel and servant of God.”   Wendy Abrahamson (2016)



On Sunday February 18, I asked during the sermon that the congregation of Lutheran Church of Our Saviour join together in prayer as we rise for the day. An email was sent out to those on our email service. I extend it to you who may be reading this devotion. Please join us in prayer each morning as you rise.

May’s Morning Prayer

Breathe in me, Spirit of God, that

I may think what is holy;

Drive me, Spirit of God, that

I may do what is holy;

Draw me, Spirit of God, that

I may love what is holy;

Strengthen me, Spirit of God,

that I may preserve

what is holy;

Guard me, Spirit of God,

that I may never

lose what is holy.

                           St. Augustine of Hippo

Let the words shape your heart and your day.

Let the knowledge of knowing we are all praying this prayer each morning shape your heart as well.

Let the prayer strengthen your journey.