Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

7 Marks of Discipleship

Living in the covenant God made with us in our baptism is our commitment to live a new life in Christ. Living our baptism means living a life nurtured by the faith practices of discipleship.


1. Pray Daily

2. Attend Worship Weekly

3. Study Scripture

4. Give Freely and Generously

5. Serve for the Sake of Others

6. Invite Others to Worship

7. Pass on the Faith

Pastor Wendy will be offering an extended study on the marks of discipleship starting in March. Each month one session will be a Bible study on the discipline and the second session will be ways to practice and live the discipline.


March’s Theme: Prayer

March 7, 7:30 – Prayers in scripture.

March 21, 7:30pm – Styles of personal prayer.

April 4 & 18, – Ways to Study Scripture

May 2 & 16, – Giving freely and generously

June 6 & 20, – Passing on the Faith

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