Holy Week Services

photo The Sunday of the Passion begins Holy Week  The mood of the week is deeper intensity.  Death died and God’s original purpose for the world was vindicated as we recall the last days of Jesus life and ministry on earth.  Baptism is central to Lutheran theology because Baptism is rooted in the Easter mystery.  Death and new life must be held together just as Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil are intricately linked in one event.

Holy Thursday Service 7:30PM  April 2, 2015 Holy Thursday service is a service of the absolution and sharing the peace.  This is our reconciliation to God.  The Eucharistic meal is offered.  Following the meal,  the altar is stripped of paraments and the communion vessels.

Good Friday Service  7:30PM April 3, 2015 We recall the last days of Jesus through Bible readings by the members of the congregation and prayers of intercession.  The service is austere time of reflection.  We celebrate the Lord’s sacrifice on the cross for us.   The book of life is closed, and we silently depart to reflect on the crucified Savior and the mystery of redemption.

Easter Sunday Service 8AM and 10:30 AM Christ is Risen!  He is risen indeed! Alleluia! A service of communion and celebration of victory over death.  This is the first of seven Sundays in Easter.

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