About Us



If you’re new to the area, or looking for a new “home” , we invite you to spend a few minutes getting to know us.  We welcome you into our fellowship to gather with us and share worship.  If you are a baptized member of the body of Christ we welcome you at our communion table. Children are invited to come forward and receive a blessing at the communion table.

We  offer you the opportunity to join us as we discern where God is leading us each day of our life through our ministry  and community worship. Together we study God’s Word, we share God’s gifts generously given to us , we walk forward in faith confident in God’s grace.

Our Heritage

We are Lutheran.  We are a church that proclaims the good news of Jesus Christ and believes that through this gospel we are justified by God’s grace through faith.  Our roots are in Christ, Scripture, the Lutheran Confessions and in our theology that continues to be shaped over time.  Our Saviour is a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

We believe in one God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth and in Jesus Christ His only Son our Lord – crucified, buried and resurrected.  We are an Easter people!  Christ is risen- Alleluia!

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life.   The Holy Spirit, depicted as a flame,  ignites each of us as individuals with a passion for the faith we proclaim through the actions of our lives in this community.  We  share the message of God’s grace through faith that grants us eternal life with Him.     We are called to be the guiding coalition to bring the vision of God’s will to all of God’s people.

Our Mission

With the help of the Holy Spirit, the congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Saviour is in mission to be a welcoming haven of hope where all people can grow in faith, proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and return God’s gifts through service to the community and the world.


“I am a child of the water and the word.  My baptism is extremely important to me and I relish the gift of the Holy Spirit dwelling within me, the cross of Christ placed upon my forehead and the gift of creation that I am…

I believe that the Holy Spirit has given me gifts of compassion, listening and presence.  I am in awe of the work of the  Holy Spirit through me.  I often see myself as a vessel and servant of God.”


Our Saviour Church, and the Lutheran Church worldwide, is in a time of transformation which we represent by the butterfly.  This is a theological symbol used during Easter for the resurrection, a new beginning for all God’s people who now have life in Christ through God’s grace.   A new beginning for us…lead by the Holy Spirit…

This is a time to reflect on who we are, whose we are and how we can move forward in  Partnerships in Christ.   We are forming partnerships with our our community and other congregations in the communities which we serve, those in need, within our congregation as we mobilize for ministry, the church at large, our brothers and sisters in Christ around the globe,  and others in need globally.  We welcome our new pastor, Pastor Wendy,  a new partner in the ministry of this congregation in our communities.   Our partnerships are listed in our ministry section.  Please join us to bring God’s message of love and grace to all of His children.

Be part of our new beginning!  Partner with us in Christ!  We have much to offer and welcome your special gifts in our discernment and transformation process.

Church Phone: (973) 835-7350
e-mail: info@oursaviourchurch.org, pastor@oursaviourchurch.org

Office hours: 1-4 PM Monday, Wednesday and FridayDSC00921